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The Origins PEPR is launching a call for proposals for training activities (at all levels) and communications aimed at the general public, in the field of the origins of planets and life.

Projects must be drawn up using the attached form, describing in detail the proposed actions, their timetable, and justifying the funding requested. There is no deadline for submission. However, projects submitted before April 1, 2023 will be subject to an initial selection by the program’s Executive Committee, and the projects selected and funded in this first phase will be announced during the PEPR Origins kick-off conference on May 15 and 16. Applications received after April 1 will be subject to periodic evaluations and selections (selections au fil de l’eau) during the first 3 years of the program.
of the program. There is no a priori limit to the funding requested: however, it must be reasonable and proportionate to the proposed activity, and justifiable in terms of ANR constraints. Amounts of between €10 and €100K are expected. A dialogue with the applicants will take place to correct and adapt the budget, if necessary.

Although PEPR Origins is interested in all types of action and on the lookout for innovative ideas, it is nevertheless targeting certain types of action as a priority :

Proposals should be sent by email to :

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